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Ballet Classes

I've been studying ballet for over 40 years and I still love to take class, attend performances, listen to ballet podcasts, read ballet books, meet dance lovers, engage in meaningful discussions about the art form, and generally nerd out about all things dance. My role in the studio has changed and evolved from ballet student to professional ballerina to ballet teacher. I'm also a dance mom to four elementary school kids, so I know what that's like and how essential it is that I do a good job. Along the way, I continue to find ways to connect ballet to who I am as a person beyond the studio. I know from experience that dancing is for everyone, at any stage of their life. I'm proud to support dancers and be part the dance community.

The 2023-24 school year will be my twelfth year teaching at Pacific Northwest Ballet School. I teach beginning and intermediate Open Program classes to the public (age 13 and up), and classes in the Children's and Student divisions. I love my job.

For questions about my teaching schedule, use the contact form.

Ballet Classes: Welcome
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