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Selling Points

-Lauren in the Limelight marks Miriam's return to a niche in which she's had considerable success—her two previous YA ballet-themed novels, Girl in Motion and Breaking Pointe, sold more than 10K copies combined. As a decade-long faculty member at the Pacific Northwest Ballet School, a former professional ballerina with the Miami City Ballet, and alumni of the School of American Ballet, Miriam has extensive contacts and hundreds of students in the ballet world and knows the community and readership intimately. She knows exactly how to market and sell this kind of book

-Targets thousands of ballet students, parents of students, and fans​​

-Notable figures in the ballet and publishing world with similar platforms have already committed to providing a blurb

-On August 21, 2021, we held a 5-hour photoshoot with the director and students at the Barlow Arts Conservatory in Utah. The students, faculty, and staff acted out the major scenes in the book. Jill is in the process of creating extensive watercolor illustrations based on the images we captured at the shoot

-The gorgeous watercolor illustrations will bring a visual element to the story. Jill is an accomplished classical watercolorist in the iconic style of John Singer Sargent, the leading portrait painter of his generation. Her work captures a contemplative moment in time, emphasizing color, light, and shadow. As a lifelong dancer herself, she is an expert at capturing the passion, energy, and movement of the dancers as well as the intimate moments that make them human. Painting dancers can be difficult even for established artists due to the technical challenges, but this is Jill’s specialty and exactly where she excels

-As a former assistant editor at Hyperion and Simon and Schuster and a former member of the Amazon Books team, Miriam is a connected publishing industry veteran

-In the Seattle area, promotion opportunities include Miriam's close contacts with local bookstore owners/former work colleagues at Phinney Books and Madison Books, as well as Island Books, where Miriam wrote weekly blogs and led the monthly open book club for eight years

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