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Praise for

Lauren in the Limelight

"This is the ballet book I wish I could have read as a young ballet student!" 

—Megan Fairchild, principal dancer with New York City Ballet and author of The Ballerina Mindset

“I so wish that Lauren in the Limelight had been in my local library when I was a tween-ager: my parents couldn’t afford ballet lessons for me, so I consoled myself by reading every ballet book I could find, and I would have loved loved loved to imagine myself Lauren then and I know that tweens—ballet fans or not—are going to love it now.”

—Nancy Pearl, author of the Book Lust series and George & Lizzie: A Novel

"Lauren in the Limelight promotes empathy and understanding, and deals with the crucial moments in life when we gain maturity, break from our parents’ version of us, and become ourselves.” 

—Peter Boal, Artistic Director of Pacific Northwest Ballet and author of Illusions of Camelot

“We love stories about dancers written by dancers! Lauren in the Limelight is a novel perfect for young dancers starting their journey into pointe work.” 

Kathryn Morgan, former soloist with New York City Ballet

“It has everything. Drama. Competition. Passion. If you love ballet, you will love Miriam Landis’s book.” 

—Mary Helen Bowers, Founder and CEO of Ballet Beautiful

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