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Book Description

Starting 6th grade in a small, privileged suburb of Seattle, Lauren Lightfoot wants nothing more than to get her first pair of pointe shoes, enjoy her love for ballet, and spend time with her friends—but her dad hopes she'll find a more serious pursuit. The book alternates between Lauren’s point of view, her friend Bryan who wants to go on pointe much to his dad's disappointment, and Lauren's new rival, Serena, who is struggling with a deep loss of her own.

As they prepare to audition for the Pacific Northwest Ballet School and compete for roles in their ballet school's annual spring recital, Lauren, Bryan, and Serena's challenges converge to form a portrait of what it means for these young dancers to define themselves. But pursuing their passions brings risks, and Lauren and her friends must ultimately decide what is most important to them: living up to their community's expectations, or following their hearts.

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